How do we REALLY help rural communities develop?

Thanks for joining me!

I grew up in Ohio’s rural, Appalachian area and ran away as fast as I could at 17 because I just did not want to be there, although that is all I want now. I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to college and then a job in my dream location (only 60 miles away) in Columbus, Ohio, a great social enterprise community.

After gaining experience there, I went back to my Appalachian community as a middle-aged, experienced community developer / organizer,  because I missed those values I wanted for my family and community built around.

Be real, though. Rural communities, Appalachian or not,  have many challenges.  Rural America has so much potential and many people looking for what it can offer, if only the resources it needs were there to make development easier and more accessible! That is the purpose of this blog. Make it happen!

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